(you’ll only end up angry or depressed)

There can be little doubt that continued urban development associated with rapid population growth is the greatest threat to remaining wildlife and habitat still found in the Sydney Basin.

In 2015 I was selected to sit on the reference group for the Cumberland Conservation Corridor. With many groups focused on vegetative restoration, my role was to link bird distribution to habitat, adding the fauna to the flora so to speak.

Much of the ‘hands on’ restoration work was conducted by Green Army teams  managed by Conservation Volunteers Australia, while this may have limited success with cessation of the program, it is the knowledge and experiences shared that may be more longer lasting.

A more permanent result of the 20 million trees program was the establishment the Cumberland Land Conservancy to manage strategic properties for conservation in perpetuity. As a founder member I assist with conducting regular fauna surveys, vertebrate pest control, producing bi-monthly newsletters and social media.

Connecting people to nature through birds