‘Avianation’ began in 2013, a word created to describe the process of connecting to natural world through birds. The first project was the design and print 10,000 photo guides to the birds of Western Sydney to help the public put a name to the face.

Over 50,000 brochures have been printed to date via partnerships with Councils and other organisations, backed up with interpretive walks and talks to ‘Avianate’ the public. Learning about birds leads to greater understanding of the need to conserve and protect habitat, ie. the rich Cumberland Plain Woodland of which 5% remains.

In 2017 Greening Australia’s ‘Cumberland Stepping Stones’ project involved seasonal monitoring of 6 sites, 2 in each of the x3 identified habitat corridors, and a training day for GA staff.
The following year CCS School workshops offered flexible delivery from K/1 through to High School, including surveys and informative school bird lists,  ‘Avianating over 350 students from 9 schools.


Connecting people to nature through birds